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About Selfheating.

Searching for a solution to a need, Selfheating has become
the benchmark in innovation for the food industry worldwide.

With our revolutionary Worldwide patented self-heating system You can now enjoy a hot delicious meal in places and in situations which would not have been possible before.

The company

Selfheating (2013) is a company funded by Spanish-Swiss capital that was born with the objective of creating an individualized system to heat consumer meals. After years of hard work and extensive R&D the self-heating system was developed and patented worldwide.

By simply applying pressure on the mechanism, the food heats itself without the need of any external source of heat energy.

The objective behind the idea is to aid all those people who would like to eat in a healthy way without altering their basic eating habits. In this way anyone can have a delicious hot meal anytime and anyplace.

Selfheating S.L. also manufactures self-heating meals either through their own brand, Reddi Hot (for establishments such as hotels, supermarkets, service stations, means of transport, universities, hospitals, etc), or with a white label basis for those clients who prefer to use their own brands or trademarks.

If you would like to contact us, please use the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.