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How does it work?

Press, wait a few minutes and... time to eat !!!

In order to activate the self-heating system, you only have to press firmly with your thumbs on the bottom of the container. After 10 minutes you can enjoy your hot delicious meal wherever you are.

Activate it Step by Step.

  • Step 1

    Remove lid of container and cutlery pack

  • Step 2

    Turn the container upside down and place on a firm surface

  • Step 3

    Stand up and place the heel of the hand on the "Presshere" area

  • Step 4

    If necessary place the other hand on top and press down firmly until you feel crunch

  • Step 5

    Turn the container rightside up, shake it for a few seconds and place it on the lid

  • Step 6

    Wait for a minimun of 10 minutes or preferably a little longer for the meal to become hot

  • Step 7

    Remove the Easy peel lid, stir, season to taste and enjoy your meal!


  • Open container carefully, keeping it right side up.
  • Follow the directions accordingly.
  • Do not manipulate the system.
  • Danger! Steam reaching a temperature of 100ºCmay rise from the container during the first few minutes.

You might be interested to know

  • This product is heated by a natural reaction of Calcium Oxide and Water.
  • This product must not be placed in a microwave oven. It contains metal particles.
  • Best before 1 year from the date of manufacture.
  • Store at room temperature.